Ashley Renee Thaxton-Stevenson

(she/her/hers) is a theatre artist and educator, originally from Southern California, with Black, white, and Korean ancestors. As a theater maker and educator, her work is focused on antiracist actor training, collaborative rehearsal practices, and contemporary adaptations of Shakespeare. She holds an MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College and is currently the Senior Manager of Education Programs at the Brooklyn Arts Exchangean Adjunct Faculty Member with NYU’s Program in Educational Theatre (recipient of a Spring 2021 USG Departmental Award), and a Core Ensemble Member of the Verbatim Performance Lab.    

Ashley has worked in Arts Education and Program Administration at the 14th Street Y (Director, Teen Theater Summer Camp), New York University (Adjunct Faculty, Dramaturg/Vocal Coach, Department of Educational Theatre), Brooklyn College (Adjunct Faculty & Graduate Teaching Fellow, Department of Theater), and the Lineage Performing Arts Center (Development & Educational Programs Director, Lineage Dance Company). 


BA: NYU Gallatin, MFA: Brooklyn College.

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Artistic ETHOS: ​

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So what does that mean?


We commit to remove barriers so that members of our community are allowed to show up as their full selves. We commit to making sure that the physical, emotional, spiritual, and material needs of our community are being met.  We commit to actively anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices. 


We commit to always being in service of a greater purpose by staying connected to our ancestors and our history, being inspired by the diversity, beauty, and complexity of all creation, and growing excited by that which mystifies us. 


We commit to creating conditions where generations can be together, learn from one another, and help carry each others' burdens. 


We gather in purposefully non-hierarchical practice, where the contributions of all are needed and valued. The circle is always wiser. 


Our aim is​ and always will be the freedom and dignity of all - both in what we create and how we create it. 


There is great power when we create together in this way - for the restoration of us as individuals and artists, for our audiences, and for our communities. 


While this work is not easy, and the learning is never done, we want to delight in one another and in that which we are creating! We are renewed, and we begin again.

This statement was created after participating in an Anti-Racist Theatre Workshop with Nicole Brewer. 

Let's talk about it!

Origen Story - Experimental Digital Play
Origen Story - Experimental Digital Play

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Origen Story - Experimental Digital Play
Origen Story - Experimental Digital Play

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Looking for Shakespeare in Rehearsal
Looking for Shakespeare in Rehearsal

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Origen Story - Experimental Digital Play
Origen Story - Experimental Digital Play

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DRAMATURG, A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Robert Thaxton-Stevenson, NYU Looking for Shakespeare 2021 
DIRECTOR, Moon Bear, by Nina Ki, produced by Stay True Theatre, 2021

DIRECTOR, A Demon Inside, by Nina Ki, produced by Fresh Fruit Festival, 2021

DIRECTOR Origen Story by Nina Ki, produced by Waterhouse Collective, 2020

DIRECTOR, Sea Longing; A Full Length Audiodrama by Nina Ki, produced by Actors' Theatre of Boston & The Parsnip Ship, 2020

DRAMATURG The Winter's Tale, directed by Amy Coreileone, NYU Looking for Shakespeare, 2020 

DRAMATURG A More (Un)Perfect Union, directed by Steve Hart, Wombat Theatre Company, 2020

DIRECTOR Everything You Wanted, Developmental Reading, by Jess Honovich, 2019

DRAMATURG Comedy of Errors, directed by Amy Cordileone, NYU Looking for Shakespeare, 2019

DIRECTOR The Living History Project by Molly Powers Gallagher, at New Victory LabWorks, 2019

DRAMATURG The Two Noble Kinsmen, directed by Amy Cordileone, NYU Looking for Shakespeare, 2018

DRAMATURG The Tempest, directed by Nan Smithner, NYU Looking for Shakespeare, 2017

WRITER/PERFORMER Vaguely Black, directed by Tara Elliott, APAP, 2016

DRAMATURG Romeo & Juliet, directed by Nan Smithner, NYU Looking for Shakespeare, 2016

CO-CREATOR/PERFORMER Show Us Womanish, Lineage Performance Arts Center, 2015

WRITER/PERFORMER Between, directed by AC Dumlao, Gallatin Arts Festival, 2014

CO-CREATOR/PERFORMER Show Us Womanish, Gallatin Arts Festival, 2014

Director & Dramaturg

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