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New York Theatre

Shakespeare's Stars, Performer 1, Spellbound Theatre/New Victory Theater, Directed by Lauren Jost

The Stowaway, Dull, Trusty Sidekick Theater/Classic Stage Company, Directed by Drew Petersen

All the President's Men?, Protestor, The Public Theatre/Town Hall, Directed by Nicholas Kent

The Skin of Our Teeth, Mrs. Antrobus, Wombat Theater Company, Directed by Steve Hart

Reduced Shakespeare's Complete Works, Jess, Wombat Theater Company, Directed by Steve Hart

Bottleneck, Abby, Radioactive Theater Festival, Directed by Rachel Whorton 

Vaguely Black, Solo Performance, The Theater at the 14th Street Y/APAP, Directed by Tara Elliot

Verbatim Performance Lab

Bertolt Brecht and 21st Century Verfremdung, Kamala Harris & Mike Pence 

The Democratic Field, Candidate C

Lauer/Conway Flip, Kellyanne Conway

Dare I Use the Word, Cameron 

You've Got to be Brave, Brave, Brave, Dorothy Height  

You Can't Unring the Bell, Stacey Abrams

Los Angeles Theatre

Julius Caesar, Calpurnia/Octavius, Lineage Performing Arts Center, Directed by Show Us Womanish

Shakespeare's Lovers, Rosalind, Ensemble Shakespeare Theatre/Descanso Gardens, Directed by Brian Elerding 


Archive 81 (Season 3), Violet & Bartender, Directed by Dan Powell & Mark Sollinger

Developmental Readings

The Interesting Girl by Lily Houghton, Sarah, PLAYxPLAY, Directed by Tara Elliott

The Year to Come by Lindsay Ferrentino, Roweena, New Works Brooklyn, Directed by GT Upchurch

Heroine by Lily Thorne, Sarah, Brooklyn College, Directed by Polly Noonan 

Peonies by Heloise Wilson, Kathleen, Dixon Place, Directed by Christina Roussous

Missing Pieces by Dayle Ann Hunt, Directed by Terry Berliner

Prospect Hill by Lily Ali Oshatz and Mark Galinovsky, Piper Theater, Directed by Rachel Kerry 

Ingrained by Amikogaabawiikwe (Adrienne M. Benjamin), Adrienne, Atlantic Pacific Theater, Directed by Marion Elaine

The Comfort to Come by Lisa Battle, Janet/Bailey, Directed by Rachel Whorton

University Theatre

Soldier X  by Rehana Lew Mirza, Monica, Brooklyn College, Directed by Terry Berliner

Fen by Caryl Churchill, Angela/Deb/Mrs. Finch/Boy, Brooklyn College, Directed by Mary Beth Easley

Much Ado About Nothing, Hero/Dance Captain, Brooklyn College, Directed by Vik Savalingam

Julius Caesar, Cassius, NYU, Directed by Daryl Embry

Bones at the Gate by Jen Silverman, NYU, Directed by Kristin Horton 

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